Carrier of 3 Wwe Superstars Will Go High in wretlemania 39

Jekesh Jangir Sat Mar 11, 2023
Carrier of 3 Wwe Superstars Will Go High in wretlemania 39

Wwe makes the good hype of Wrestlemania 39, Because this time Wretlemania is going to happen in Hollywood, Los Angel's and for this Mega event still now Wwe Announced some Big Matches of Wrestlemania 39, like Roman Riegns Vs Cody Rhodes and Brock Lesner Vs Omos.

To join name of many Superstars for Wrestlemania 39 is still pending and most of the Young Superstars are going to participate and they are waiting for this movenent, Because they know this Wrestlemania 39 help thier carrier to go high in Wwe. Thsese are the names of 3 Superstars, In this year of Wrestlemania 39, whose carrier have much chance to fly high in Wwe. 

#1. Austin Theory 

#2. Omos 

#3. Cody Rhodes 

These Wrestlers have Confirmed Matches for Wrestlemania 39 against Big Superstars of Wwe and following are the names of opposite wrestles that who is going to fight with whom.

#1. Austin Theory Vs John Cena 

#2. Omos Vs Brock Lesnar 

#3. Cody Rhodes Vs Roman Reigns 

Stay tuned for more amazing stuff about Wrestlemania 39


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