"I Don't Want To End Things By Getting Injured" - Former WWE Champion Reveals Retirement Plans

Jekesh Jangir Fri May 26, 2023

Former WWE Champion AJ Styles has been in the professional wrestling world for over 25 years. He has a lot of experience and has achieved tremendous success. 

Styles is currently 45 years old and has talked about retirement several times in the past. He is in the last few years of his career.AJ Styles recently appeared on Mark Andrews' My Love Letter to Wrestling podcast. 

Meanwhile, he told that he wants to end things as per his wish. He believes that many times the stars have to retire due to injury. However, he does not want such an end to his career. They said,

"I think you have to do things the way you want to and the way you want to do it. I want to go out there finishing things and I know it's difficult because getting injured sometimes leads to retirement. There's a reason to take it. That's why I'm just hoping to get things over with. I want to get over it the way I want, not because of the injury."

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