In Wrestlemania 39 A Superstar can't take part Becouse of Injury

Jekesh Jangir Sun Mar 12, 2023
In Wrestlemania 39 A Superstar can't take part Becouse of Injury

Every Wwe fan is waiting for Wrestlemania 39, Becouse this is the Biggest event of the year and Only few days left for the Wwe Mega Event Wretlemania 39 and almost every Contender of Wwe wants to be the part of Wrestlemania 39. According to the present report, a big news is  coming related to Wwe Superstar kofi Kingston, may be he can't take part in Wrestlemania 39.

In the last Episode of Smackdown, we was get to see the Brawl between some Superstars. Kofi Kingston was also included in this Brawl and during the Brawl he got a injury in his right leg. According to Dew Meltzer report, he is telling about Kofi Kingston how much he injured and how many weeks he get in recovery of his leg. He said.

"In recovery of Kofi Kingston, it almost take five weeks and in the starting, when Surgeon talks about Surgery than Kofi Kingston feels like he is in more trouble Becouse of this injury he have to live away from wrestling for a long time to get well. But its not like that, because now he don't need any surgery.

Is Kofi Kingston not going for Wrestlemania 39?


When Kofi Kingston tells about his health on Twitter, after that everyone got a relief but it is clear that he can't do Wrestling for five weeks and Wrestlemania 39 is going to held on 1st and 2nd April and according to this it looks like he is aproximately out from this Wrestlemania 39.

Let see, when Kofi Kingston will do comeback from his injury and when we will see Kofi Kingston doing action in the ring about this Kofi Kingston early going to give an update about this to his fans.

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