Jinder Mahal Can Make Indus Sher Big Break On WWE Raw" - The Legend Claims To The Indian Faction

Jekesh Jangir Sun May 21, 2023
Jinder Mahal Can Make Indus Sher Big Break On WWE Raw

This week on WWE Raw, Indus Sher sent a strong message to the roster by winning a dominant tag team match.

 Now veteran Vince Russo has given a big statement regarding the Indus lion. Let me tell you, Veer Mahaan, Sanga and Jinder Mahal were working as Indus Sher in NXT for the past several months.

 This Indian faction has been made a part of Raw in the recent WWE draft.

Speaking with Russo, Vince Russo criticized WWE for poorly booking Veer Mahaan during his first run on Raw. Vince Russo believes that Indus Sher can have a lot of success on WWE Raw under the leadership of Jinder Mahal. Vince Russo said-

"Then they showed another person (Veer Mahan) narrating the story. For how many weeks was it shown that Veer is coming? Was that a joke? Now we've got Jinder Mahal. He doesn't like these things. He doesn't like people. Don't like having careers, livelihoods and families messed with."

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