NXT Superstar say Goodbye to Wrestling

Jekesh Jangir Sat Mar 18, 2023
NXT Superstar say Goodbye to Wrestling

Previous Wwe NXT Superstar Sarray, before sometime announce that she is going to say Goodbye to this Industry.

Sarray is going to say Goodbye to this industry and after live this industry she is going to her hometown Japan. On 13 march 2023 she was legally announced that she is going to live this Industry and now she is saying thank to her fans to support him.

Recently, Sarray uploaded a picture on Twitter and on that picture she is looking so much happy. In caption of this post she is saying thanks to her fans and also telling that she got so many massages from fans in her support. 26 year's old Superstar write on her Twitter account, she said.

" I have received so many supportive messages after I have announced my return to Japan. I really appreciate to everyone support. Thank you so much".

Sarray is only 26 years old but she have so much experience about wrestling. Because she is from Childhood in this industry and we are telling you that, sarray is coming in upcoming event, name called 'Sareee-ISM Chapter One. Here, she is coming with her old name 'Sareee'. In Wwe, she doesn't get so much push, that's why she say No to her promotion and in Wwe her last match was played on 2 August 2022 in NXT.

In reality, Sarray is so much famous in wrestling scene of Japan and in her In Ring Carrier she doesn't want to face any kind of difficulty. The best and the shocking thing about her is, she is doing wrestling from 15 years old and according to this she have experience of 11 years of wrestling. Before came in Wwe, she won Sendai and Diana Championship and now, let see in which direction her carrier will going and she retweets and she said.

"No matter what some people might say, I did my best. I m so glad that I had the chance to go to Wwe".

Thank you Wwe

Thank you Sarray 

Thank you Wwe Universe 

Stay tuned for more amazing stuff about wwe 

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