Predictions of Monday Night Raw of 31st July 2023 Matches, Winners, Spoilers, Rumors etc

Jekesh Jangir Thu Jul 27, 2023
Predictions of Monday Night Raw of 31st July 2023 Matches, Winners, Spoilers, Rumors etc

Last Monday Night Raw is a tremendous move towards Summerslam 2023. We can get to see many awesome segments and the whole show is full of entertainment and Superstars did well like always and energy is on high level.

We can get to see Unexpected Action and high profile Drama happened like always, but the level of Drama is increasing day by day. Creative Head Triple-H and Staff Created good storyline and serve in a smooth way to lovely audiance.

Fans are so satisfied from Superstars Performance and day by day, Show by show, Event by Event Wwe Upgrading Himself and try to create awesome Storyline and in return get disaster response from all over the world.

Nowadays Wwe is running in a smooth and good way and earning a lot of profit. Summerslam 2023 is not so far and preparations are on the way and before that Wwe is trying to make a Ultimate hype of Matches, that people would take more fun before and During Summerslam 2023.

Wwe is all about Wrestling Entertainment and in this field, He is the King and no other Combat Entertainment give him Competition. The type of Action and Drama you getting in Wwe, that you can't get on any other Sports Entertainment.

Let's came to the topic, the way storyline is going in Wwe according to that basis, we have some Predictions that turns into Reality. Let's check it out.

Date : 31st July, Monday 2023

Venue : Wwe Monday Night Raw is going to stream live from Toyota Center in Houston, TX.

Timing : Wwe Monday Night Raw is going to Telecast Live on Monday Evenings on the USA Network from 8:00 ET to 11:00 PM ET in the United States. Wwe Raw starts live at 1 am in the UK on BT sport 1on Tuesday Mornings.

Timing in India : Wwe Monday Night Raw stream live on Sony Ten 1HD and Sony Ten 1 at 5:30 am.

Commentators : Jimmy Smith, Corey Garaves and Byron Saxton 

Prediction of Matches and Winners :-

#1. Brock Lesner and Cody Rhodes would do Conversation and thier Conversation Convert into Dangerous Action. We would get a an Unofficial fight between this two Superstars.

#2. Ronda Rousey and Shyna Bazler would entertain in a Disaster way before Summerslam 2023. Both Superstars are so excited to beat each other and thier excitment is on high level that would break before Summerslam 2023 and we would get to see awesome Action and Drama.

#3. Shinsuke Nakamura, Tommaso Ciampa and Bronson Reed would do an Unofficial fight against each other to make hype for Summerslam 2023.

#4. Rhea Ripley would attempt to attack on Liv Morgan, because of previous mess during match.

#5. Drew McIntyre would show his Supermacy to beat Giovanni Vinci and to make a good hype for Summerslam 2023.

Stay tuned for more amazing stuff about Wwe 

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