Results of Friday Night Smackdown of 14th July 2023 Matches, Winners, Rumors, Spoilers etc

Jekesh Jangir Sat Jul 15, 2023
Results of Friday Night Smackdown of 14th July 2023 Matches, Winners, Rumors, Spoilers etc

This week's episode of SmackDown has come to an end.  It was a very good show and got to see a lot during it.  SmackDown started with Bianca Belair's segment and the main event was also very bang.  Without any further delay, let's take a look at the results of WWE SmackDown

#1. WWE SmackDown begins with Bianca Blair's segment

Bianca Blair opens the show and says that finally the day she has been waiting for has come.  He is about to get his rematch.  Meanwhile, Charlotte Flair also entered and cut a promo saying that she would like to face Bianca Blair. 

Meanwhile, EST said that her focus is completely on Oska and that once she becomes the champion, she can wrestle The Queen at SummerSlam.  Meanwhile, Charlotte said that Bianca would have to win for this and the former Women's Champion claimed her victory.

#2. Sheamus and Ridge Holland vs Pretty Deadly in WWE SmackDown

 The Brawling Brutes dominated the match from the start and showed tremendous composure against their opponents.  Meanwhile, Sheamus also gave 10 Beats of Bothron to Pretty Deadly.  However, Pretty Deadly also returned to the match in a great way and showed her talent. 

Meanwhile, he also used heel tactics well and finally hit Ridge Holland on the exposed turnbuckle.  After this he won the match by pinning him.

 Winner: Pretty Deadly

During a backstage interview, Grayson Waller praised himself and that he deserves to be in the Contenders match for the US Championship.  He also invited The Rock to appear on his show once again.

Backstage, Charlotte Flair was leaving the arena and Adam Pearce spoke to her.  The Queen said that she was leaving before Pearce said so.  Meanwhile Bailey and Io Skye appeared there.  He said that he will keep an eye on this match

#3. Bayley vs Zelina Vega in WWE SmackDown

 Bayley tried to dominate early on, but Zelina Vega fought back in a spectacular fashion and unsuccessfully attempted to pin Bayley. 

Meanwhile, Bayley took advantage of the referee's attention on Skye and returned to the match.  In the end, Bayley won the match by hitting a Rose Plant move on Vega.

 Winner: Bayley

 After the match, as Bayley and Sky were going backstage, Shotzi appeared on the screen and trimmed his hair.  She said that she is not scared and her action definitely changed Bayley's body language.

#4. Jey Uso's segment on WWE SmackDown

 Jay Uso opens up about his relationship with Jimmy Uso and leaves everyone very emotional.  Meanwhile, he said that whenever Jimmy gets hurt, he also hurts.  Jey targeted Reigns, Sequoia and Paul Heyman.

  Main Event Uso said that Reigns is not the real Tribal Chief.  Paul Heyman and Solo Sequoia enter.  Heyman turns on Jay and blames whatever is happening to Jimmy.  Heyman said that Jimmy, his father and mother would never forgive Jay. 

Heyman said that even Reigns would never forgive him.  Sequoia took the mic from Heyman and he too blamed Jay for Jimmy's condition.  He said that he too will not forgive J.  The brawl has started between Jay Uso and Solo.  Jay chases Solo out of the ring and Heyman's condition worsens in the ring.

  Solo attacks Jay from behind and now he is taking his anger out on him.  Jay also hits back and is now going down on Solo.  Heyman brought a chair into the ring, but Jay crushed it.  Jay hits a Suicide Dive on Solo.  Jay again attacked Solo with a chair and he thought it best to leave.

#5. First Fatal 4way for US Championship No. 1 Contender on WWE SmackDown

 A fatal 4-way match was witnessed between AJ Styles, Butch, Santos Escobar and Grayson Waller.  All the 4 superstars involved in the match tried their best to win the match. 

Meanwhile, the fans were treated to a great match, which was full of action.  At the end, Styles was about to deliver his finishing move to Butch, but then Carrion Cross appeared on the screen, abusing his teammates backstage.  This distracted Styles and Santos Escobar hit Waller with a Frog Splash.  He won the match by pinning him.

 Winner: Santos Escobar

Backstage the Street Profits were waiting for someone in the parking lot when Bobby Lashley returned.  He shook hands with Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins.  After this both of them left in their car with Lashley.

Next week will be another Fatal 4-Way match for the number 1 contender for the US Championship.  Earlier, Rey Mysterio, L.A. Knight and Cameron Grimes hyped their victory by giving promos.

Roman Rance will return to SmackDown next week and will also see his segment with Jay Uso.

#6. Oska vs. Bianca Blair (Women's Championship Match) on WWE SmackDown

A good match was seen between Bianca Blair and Oska.  Meanwhile, Bayley was watching the match between Io Skye and Charlotte from the fans.  The bout featured some spectacular moves, but a brawl was expected from the outset.  The ending was shocking. 

Charlotte Flair first kicked Bayley and then Sky pushed Flair into the ring post.  However, the match ended via DQ due to Queen.  Sky then tried to cash in her briefcase, but Oska hit Bayley with a mist and then walked away with her championship.

 Winner: Oska retained the Championship

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