Results of Friday Night Smackdown of 21st July 2023 Matches, Winners, Spoilers, Rumors etc etc

Jekesh Jangir Sat Jul 22, 2023
Results of Friday Night Smackdown of 21st July 2023 Matches, Winners, Spoilers, Rumors etc etc

Broadcast of SmackDown reach 2.309 million viewers

 Ratings of Wwe Friday Night Smackdown 

#1. July 14, 2023 | 2.309 million

#2. July 7, 2023 | 2.561 million

#3. June 30, 2023 | 2.354 million

#4. June 23, 2023 | 2.430 million

#5. June 9, 2023 | 2.278 million

Ticket sales of Wwe Friday Night Smackdown 

#1. WWE SmackDown Venue: Amway Center (Orlando, Fla.)

#2. WWE SmackDown Tickets Distributed: 12,118

#3. Available Tickets: 224

Winners and Grades of Wwe Friday Night Smackdown 

#1. Rey Mysterio wins U.S. Title Invitational Fatal 4-Way 

Fatal 4-Way Grade: B-

#2. Charlotte Def. Iyo Sky

Charlotte vs. Iyo Sky Grade: B-

#3. Santos Escobar def. Austin Theory

Escobar vs. Theory Grade: B+

#4. Dominik Mysterio def. Butch

Dominik Mysterio vs. Butch Grade: C+

#5. Rules Of Engagement

Rules of Engagement Grade: B

This week saw a bang episode of WWE SmackDown.  In this episode of SmackDown, US Champion Austin Theory got a shocking defeat.  At the same time, Dominik Mysterio appeared defending his North American title. 

Apart from this, a big match of Roman Reigns was announced for SummerSlam 2023.  Without further ado, let's take a look at this week's episode of WWE SmackDown.

 #1. Rey Mysterio vs Sheamus vs Cameron Grimes vs L.A. Knight (US Title Invitational Fatal 4-Way Tag Team Match) on WWE SmackDown

 In the opening moments of this Fatal 4 Way Tag Team match, all the superstars attacked each other.  Even after this, all the superstars were seen trying to dominate each other.  Rey Mysterio almost managed to win the match by pinning him after splashing him at one point. 

However, before the 3 count, US Champion Theory pulled Mysterio out of the ring.  After this Santos Escobar came and taught Austin Theory a lesson.  At the same time, in the last moments of the match, Cameron Grimes defeated Sheamus by giving him a cave-in and Rey Mysterio won the match by pinning Cameron Grimes with his move.  Now next week we will see Rey Mysterio vs Santos Escobar match and the winner of this match will get US Championship match against Austin Theory.

 Result: Rey Mysterio wins the Fatal 4-Way Match

Austin Theory expressed his displeasure towards Santos Escobar and demanded a match with Adam Pearce.  Adam Pearce made the match official, but Santos agreed to face Escobar in a theory non-title match.

 Backstage Jey Uso is seen meeting up with Tony D'Angelo and The Creed Brothers.

#2. Charlotte Flair vs Io Sky in WWE SmackDown

 - Got to see Charlotte Flair's singles match against Io Skye.  Io Sky's partner Bayley was part of the commentary team during the match.  Not only this, Bayley appeared to interfere in the match to help Io Sky gain an edge over Charlotte Flair.  At the same time, Io Sky had hurt Charlotte Flair in the match by targeting her knee.

  Due to this, problems had arisen for Charlotte Flair but she did not give up and in the end Charlotte won the match by pinning Io Sky with a natural selection move.  After the match, Osca worsened her condition by attacking Charlotte Flair.

 Result: Charlotte Flair defeated Io Skye.

Dominik Mysterio was backstage with Rhea Ripley and talked about becoming the North American Champion during an interview.  After this, Butch came and demanded a title match with Dominic Mysterio and veteran Shawn Michaels made the match official.

Roman Reigns was present in his dressing room with Paul Heyman and Solo Sequoia.  Solo Sequoia was watching the defeat of Roman Rance at that time and Roman was not happy with it.

 - Bayley and Io Skye were in the dressing room and Bayley, still scared of the message Shotzi left, wanted to leave the building with Io Skye.

#3. Austin Theory vs Santos Escobar on WWE SmackDown

 US Champion Austin Theory faced Santos Escobar in a non-title match.  The match saw a great fight between Santos Escobar and Austin Theory, and Escobar was able to gain control over Theory by using his best moves.  Austin Theory was also not ready to give up easily and he too was giving a tough fight to Santos Escobar in the match. 

However, in the closing moments of the match, Santos Escobar won the match by pinning Austin Theory with a Phantom Driver after moving him over the top rope.  This defeat of US Champion Austin Theory is quite shocking.

 Result: Santos Escobar beat Austin Theory.

Bobby Lashley is seen backstage meeting with NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams.

#4.  Dominik Mysterio vs Butch in WWE SmackDown (NXT North American Championship Match)

 - After the start of the match, Butch used his amazing moves to spoil the condition of Dominic Mysterio.  After this, Rhea Ripley gave the steel chain to Dominic Mysterio but Ridge Holland came and snatched the steel chain from Dominic.  Soon, the Pretty Deadly arrived but were forced out by Ridge Holland & Butch. 

After this, when Butch was entering the ring, Rhea Ripley attacked Butch.  Taking advantage of this, Dominik Mysterio sent Butch to the steel post and finally pinned him to win the match.

 Result: Dominic Mysterio defeated Butch to retain his North American Title.

Rules of Engagement of Roman Reigns and Jay Uso in the main event of WWE SmackDown

 Starting the segment, Roman Rance asked the fans to acknowledge him.  Roman Reigns asked Jey Uso if he still wanted to do it.  Jey Uso said yes and said that it was Roman Reigns who forced him to do so.  Roman Rance signs the contract and moves it towards Jey Uso but Jey Uso tears the contract saying that the contract is not needed as the contract is in his blood. 

Jay Uso said that now we will have a Tribal Combat.  Finally, when Roman Reigns started to leave, Solo Sequoia tried to apply a Samoan Spike to Jay Uso, but Roman stopped him from doing so. 

After this, Jay Uso crushed Solo Sequoia with a superkick and Roman Reigns soon went out of the ring with Solo Sequoia & Paul Heyman.  Along with this, WWE has made the undisputed WWE Universal Championship match of SummerSlam 2023 Roman Rance vs Jay Uso official.

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