Results of Monday Night Raw of 3 July 2023 Matches, Winners, Spoilers, Rumors etc

Jekesh Jangir Tue Jul 04, 2023
Results of Monday Night Raw of 3 July 2023 Matches, Winners, Spoilers, Rumors etc

The episode of WWE Raw proved to be quite a blast.  After the success of Money in the Bank (Money in the Bank 2023), fans had expectations from Raw as well and the show did not disappoint.  This episode saw the shocking return of Brock Lesnar. 

WWE put on a great championship match.  The debut match of the famous superstar was also excellent and created ruckus in the main event.  Well, in this article, we will take a look at the results of the episode of Raw.

#1. Seth Rollins' segment on WWE Raw

 World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins made his entrance and got a good reaction for a long time.  Later, he questioned the fans about Money in the Bank.  Seth said that Jay Uso finally broke Roman Reigns' streak of not being pinned for three and a half years. 

They talked about Io Skye and Damian Priest winning their Money in the Bank contracts.  Afterwards, Rollins discussed defeating Finn Balor and expressed his desire for a new challenger for SummerSlam.  Cody Rhodes entered and Brock Lesnar returned before he could say anything. 

The Beast made a shocking return and brawled with Rhodes at ringside.  In the ring, Brock went for an F5 on Cody, but he countered and hit The Beast with the Cody Cutter.  Lesnar went backstage and the American Nightmare had the upper hand.

Seth Rollins continued his promo and then talked about the new opponent.  Judgment Day enters and tells that the fans want to see them.  Seth said that a member of his faction, Finn Balor, does not exist.  Riya Ripley told that Baller is traveling.  Damian Priest talks about cashing in the Money in the Bank contract, threatening Rollins. 

Priest claims to have defeated Shinsuke Nakamura.  Seth told that he is fresh and that is why Damien will not be able to cash-in on him right now.  Priest said that he cannot fight against Rollins but his partner can have a match for the champion. 

Seth looked at Ripley and Rhea told that she is already defending her title.  The fans did not let Dominic Mysterio speak and Ripley challenged on his behalf.  Seth accepted the challenge.

#2. Damian Priest vs Shinsuke Nakamura

 This match proved to be tremendous in terms of wrestling.  Damian Priest showed dominance for a long time in the match by taking advantage of his size.  Later Nakamura also did a good job.  In the end, Priest applied the South of Heavens move on Nakamura and picked up the pin.

 Result: Damian Priest wins

 #3. Ronda Rousey segment

 Ronda Rousey enters and tries to cut a promo.  Meanwhile, Sheena Baszler enters.  Rhonda questions why Sheyna ruined a friendship of 10 years.  Sheyna pointed out that Ronda gives herself more importance, while she has helped Rousey grow in WWE. 

Shena told that she worked hard to get into WWE and she loves this place.  Baszler thinks Ronda Rousey has ruined this place.  Baszler said that she has the power to destroy Ronda Rousey.  Ronda kicks Baszler and then locks him in his submission.  Shena countered and applied an ankle lock on Ronda.  Ronda made the save but Sheyna finally attacked with a knee.

 #4. Tag Team Turmoil Match (to determine the number 1 contenders for the Women's Tag Team Championship)

Sonya Deville and Chelsea Green face Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell in the start of the Women's Tag Team Turmoil match.  There was good competition between them.  Deville pinned LeRay with his best move.  Leray and Hartwell are eliminated.

 Emma and Nikki Cross entered and attempted to confront Deville-Green.  However, Chelsea Green pinned Emma and was eliminated.  Cross-emma was also out.

Tegan Knox and Dana Brooke came out and tried to dominate.  However, soon after the break, it was revealed that Sonya and Chelsea Green had eliminated them.

Kayden Carter and Katana Chance entered and their feud against the heel stars went on for a long time.  In the final moments, it seemed that the former NXT stars would win.  However, Sonya attacks Kaidon and the referee doesn't see it.  Green took advantage and pinned him for the win.

 Result: Sonya Deville & Chelsea Green won the Women's Tag Team Turmoil Match

#5. becky lynch segment

 Becky Lynch cut a promo and expressed her disappointment over her defeat at Money in the Bank.  She later targeted Trish Stratus and asked her to come to the ring and fight.  Trish Stratus entered after a long time and her face was masked. 

Becky Lynch started laughing.  Stratus said that despite being in a mask, she is more beautiful than everyone in the arena.  Trish told that Becky Lynch damaged her face and that is why she is not clear to fight.  Becky summons Zoey Stark to fight. 

Trish pointed out that no one is better than her and that going forward, Zoey may be better than her under her leadership.  Becky reveals that the Hall of Famer defeated her by cheating.  Lynch said that Trish will not be here forever and Zoey will definitely have to fight against her going forward.

 Becky asks if Trish doesn't want to fight her, then what is she doing in WWE?  Stratus reveals that she is the face of the women's division.  Stratus and Zoey make their way to the ring.  Stratus stopped Stark and asked Becky Lynch to wrestle against Zoey the following week.

Cody Rhodes gave an interview on the stage area and told that he has started speaking the language of Brock Lesnar.  He welcomed Lesnar back to WWE and told that the enmity between the two is not over yet. 

Rhodes said that The Beast injured his arm and he bloodied Lesnar's face.  Rhodes expressed his desire to fight against Brock anytime.

#6. Alpha Academy & Maxine Dupree vs. Viking Raiders & Valhalla (Mixed Tag Team Match)

 This match proved to be tremendous.  Chad Gable, as always, won the hearts of the fans with some great moves.  However, Maxine Dupree impressed in her in-ring debut and battled Valhalla. 

In the end, Chad Gable pinned the Viking Raiders at ringside and Dupree pinned Valhalla in the ring to give the team the win.

 Result: Alpha Academy & Maxine Dupree win

 Backstage, Ricochet is interviewed and threatens Logan Paul.  Also challenged to fight in Raw next week.

 #7. Rhea Ripley vs Natalya (Women's World Championship Match)

 Natalya came from behind and attacked Rhea Ripley during her entrance.  The match started later between the two and Natalya continued to attack.  However, Riya Ripley got angry after this and she showed tremendous dominance against Natalya. 

He traps Natalya in the prison lock.  The BOAT saved himself from this.  Natalya counters Riya's top rope move and then hits a running powerslam.  He trapped Ripley with a sharpshooter move and after a lot of effort, the Judgment Day member saved herself.  Ripley hit a headbutt on Natalya and then hit a riptide move to pin her for the win. 

After the match, Rhea continued attacking Natalya.  Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez came to the rescue of the veteran.

 Result: Rhea Ripley retained the championship

Tommaso Champa warns The Miz in a video segment.  Later the promo of The Miz was seen backstage and he gave a befitting reply to Champa.

Backstage Miss Money in the Bank Io Skye comes out and confronts Rhea Ripley.  Later Dominik Mysterio and Damian Priest came there.  Rhea expressed her dismay over Raquel Rodriguez constantly coming in front of her.  Dominik Mysterio claims to have defeated Seth Rollins.

 #8. Matt Riddle vs Giovanni Vinci

 This match did not last long.  Some good moves by Giovanni Vinci.  However, Matt Riddle hit a moonsault off the top rope and then a rollup, with Riddle pinning Vinci for the win.

After the match, Ludwig Kaiser attacked Riddle.  Drew McIntyre came and saved Matt by defeating the Imperium members.  Also confronted Gunther.

 Result: Matt Riddle wins

Drew McIntyre and Matt Riddle are interviewed backstage.  Meanwhile, Riddle asks Drew to work together to make matters worse for the Imperium.

 #9. Seth Rollins vs Dominik Mysterio

 This match proved to be quite a blast.  Dominic Mysterio did a better job than expected.  However, even Seth Rollins looked prepared for Dominik's every move. 

Meanwhile, Rhea Ripley and Damian Priest also tried to interfere from time to time.  Despite this, Seth did not give up.  He was about to apply his finisher at the end.  Meanwhile, Damian Priest entered and applied South of Heavens on Seth. 

The match ended by DQ.  After the match, Priest attacked The Visionary at ringside.  Seth came back with a superkick and went to deliver a powerbomb to Priest on Announcer's Gable.  Dominic Mysterio attacked Rollins with the Money in the Bank contract. 

He sent Seth to the ring and asked Damien to cash-in the contract.  Priest was making his way to the ring when Finn Balor came and attacked Seth.  This led to Damian accidentally being thrown out of the ring.  Finn was about to hit his finisher, the Coo de Gras, on Seth. 

However, Damian Priest came and stopped them and the two got into an argument.  Dominik calms him down and shortly after at ringside, Seth gives Mysterio a Pedigree.  Seth leaves and the Damian-Finn argument continues.  Well, Rollins' condition had worsened.

 Result: Seth Rollins wins by DQ

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