Results of Wwe Monday Night Raw of 31st July 2023 Matches, Winners, Spoilers, Rumors, Tickets, Grades, Ratings, etc

Jekesh Jangir Tue Aug 01, 2023
Results of Wwe Monday Night Raw of 31st July 2023 Matches, Winners, Spoilers, Rumors, Tickets, Grades, Ratings, etc

This week saw the last episode of WWE Raw before SummerSlam.  This episode of Raw saw some great matches and segments.  Brock Lesnar attacked Cody Rhodes after his return this week on Raw.  Apart from this, Judgment Day got a crushing defeat despite cheating in the main event.  Without further ado, let's take a look at the results of this week's WWE Raw.

#1. Logan Paul opens WWE Raw

 While giving a promo, Logan Paul taunted the fans and the fans started booing him.  After this, Logan Paul said that he would defeat Ricochet in a bang match at SummerSlam. 

Soon, Ricochet turns up and says that he's got a spot on Logan Paul's mind.  Ricochet also agreed that his match against Logan Paul at SummerSlam would be great.  Also, Ricochet said that he respects Logan for being a good athlete. 

After this, Logan Paul also called Ricochet one of the best high-fliers in history.  Soon, Logan Paul mentioned Ricochet's fiancee Samantha Irwin.  Due to this, Ricochet got angry and attacked Logan Paul.  Because of this, a brawl started between the two and during this brawl, Logan Paul had the upper hand.

Backstage, Imperium leader Gunther was not happy with his loss to Ludwig Kaiser last week.  He asked Ludwig Keizer to make Matt Riddle bad.

#2. Matt Riddle vs Ludwig Keizer

 Ludwig Keizer faced Matt Riddle in a singles match.  In this match, Ludwig Keizer got into a tough fight with Matt Riddle and Ludwig's partner Giovanni Vinci appeared to interfere in the match. 

Ludwig Keizer finally kicked Matt Riddle after countering a big move.  After this, Ludwig Keizer got the big win by pinning Matt Riddle with a DDT.  IC champion Günther was impressed by his teammate Ludwig Kaiser's victory.

 Result: Ludwig Keizer beat Matt Riddle.

Logan Paul said in a backstage interview that he is going to harm Ricochet at SummerSlam 2023 as well.

 #3. Maxine dupree vs valhalla

 Maxine Dupree faced Valhalla in the first singles match of her main roster career.  Valhalla delivered a shotgun knee move to Maxine Dupree after the match started.  After a brief struggle, Maxine Dupree returned to the match and at the behest of Otis gave Valhalla the Caterpillar Move. 

Maxine Dupree then pinned Valhalla with a crossbody from the top rope, but the referee did not count the pin due to Eric's distraction.  This was followed by a brawl between Viking Raiders and Alpha Academy.  Meanwhile, Maxine Dupree won the match by pinning Valhalla after her move.

 Result: Maxine Dupree beat Valhalla.

Backstage, Shinsuke Nakamura and Tommaso Champa announced that they would be participating in the SummerSlam battle royal match.

 #4. Judgment Day segment on WWE Raw

 - Rhea Ripley threatens to do bad to her enemies.  After this, Damian Priest talked about the attack on superstars like Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, Sammy Zayn by Judgment.  At the same time, Finn Balor made fun of Seth Rollins' gimmick and said that he is going to make Seth worse at SummerSlam. 

When Dominic Mysterio tried to speak, the fans started booing him.  After this, Rhea Ripley claimed that the name Mysterio got respect because of Dominic.  Rhea Ripley also made fun of Raquel Rodriguez during this and Raquel came and attacked Rhea.  Soon, Rhea Ripley counterattacked and injured Raquel Rodriguez's leg.

Alpha Academy (Chad Gable & Otis) announced their participation in the SummerSlam battle royal match.  Soon, Gunther came out and challenged Chad Gable to a match.  Alpha Academy said that Imperium members would be banned from ringside during the match.

 #5. Shinsuke Nakamura vs Tommaso Champa in WWE Raw

 Shinsuke Nakamura faced Tommaso Champa in a singles match.  In this match, a tremendous fight was seen between these two superstars.  In this match, Shinsuke Nakamura tried unsuccessfully to pin Tommaso Champa on a few occasions. 

After this, Shinsuke Nakamura finally won the match by pinning Tommaso Champa via a rollup.  Tommaso Champa, however, was none too pleased with the way the bout ended.

 Result: Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Tommaso Champa.

Backstage Adam Pearce met with Raquel Rodriguez and she said that she would not allow her to wrestle the match until Raquel was medically cleared.

 #6. Brock Lesnar's segment on WWE Raw

 Brock Lesnar gives a promo, counting his achievements and soon, he asks Cody Rhodes to come out.  After this, Cody Rhodes came there and both these superstars faced each other in the ring.  When Brock Lesnar started going backstage, Cody Rhodes dived on Beast.  After this, Brock Lesnar attacked Cody Rhodes badly while counter attacking and soon, left from there.

#7. Gunther vs Chad Gable (5 Minute Time Limit Match) on WWE Raw

 Gunther faced Chad Gable in a singles match and Gunther had to defeat Chad Gable within 5 minutes in this match.  However, this match saw a great performance from Chad Gable and Gunther could not defeat Chad Gable within 5 minutes of the match. 

Because of this, Chad Gable was declared the winner of the match.  However, after this the match started once again.  After the match restarted, Chad Gable once again gave a tough fight to Gunther, but this time Gable could not last long in front of Gunther.

  In the last moments of this match, Gunther won the match by pinning him with a powerbomb after a tremendous attack on Chad Gable.  After the match, Gunther addressed the fans and talked about how bad Drew McIntyre would be at SummerSlam.

 Result: Gunther defeated Chad Gable.

Seth Rollins & Sami Zayn reunite backstage before their tag team match against Judgment Day.

 Cody Rhodes talked about defeating Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam in a backstage interview.

 #8. Becky Lynch's segment on WWE Raw

 Becky Lynch challenges Trish Stratus to a match while giving a promo.  Soon, Trish Stratus came out with her partner Zoey Stark and said that Becky got the win over Zoey by mistake.  During this, Trish Stratus also taunted the fans.  After this Adam Pearce came and booked Becky Lynch vs Trish Stratus rematch.

 #9. Trish Stratus vs Becky Lynch in WWE Raw

 After the match started, Becky Lynch attacked Trish Stratus.  Soon, Zoey Stark interfered in the match and attacked Becky Lynch.  The referee then ended the match via DQ.  After the match, Zoey Stark teamed up with Trish Stratus to continue attacking Becky Lynch.

 Result: Becky Lynch defeats Trish Stratus via DQ.

Backstage Adam Pearce criticizes the move by Trish Stratus & Zoey Stark.  Adam Pearce said that Becky Lynch vs Trish Stratus rematch will be seen two weeks later and Zoey Stark will be banned from ringside during this match.

 An attempt was made to hype the Ronda Rousey vs Shena Baszler match going to be held at SummerSlam through a video package.

 #10. Seth Rollins & Sami Zayn vs Judgment Day (Damien Priest & Dominik Mysterio) in the main event of WWE Raw

 Before the start of the match, a tremendous brawl was seen between Seth Rollins & Sammy Zayn and Judgment Day members. During this brawl, Seth Rollins & Sammy Zayn had the upper hand and Seth forced Finn Balor to flee the arena.  After this, a bang match started between these two teams.  Soon, Finn Balor made a surprise appearance and attacked Seth Rollins by pulling him out of the ring. 

After some time, Seth Rollins and Damian Priest came to the ring with the tag.  After this, Seth Rollins worsened his condition by continuously diving on Damian Priest.  Soon, Damian Priest took advantage of interference from the Judgment Day members to dominate Seth Rollins. 

In the end, Damian Priest wanted to cash in his MITB contract but Seth foiled the move with a kick.  After this, Seth Rollins pinned Damian Priest after giving him a curb stomp, giving his team a great victory.

 Result: Seth Rollins & Sami Zayn defeated Judgment Day.

Broadcast of last week on WWE Raw reach 1.818 million viewers.

Ratings of Wwe Monday Night Raw

#1. July 24, 2023 | 1.818 million

#2. July 17, 2023 | 1.88 million

#3. July 10, 2023 | 1.809 million

#4. July 3, 2023 | 1.828 million

#5. June 26, 2023 | 1.973 million

Ticket Sales of Wwe Monday Night Raw 

#1. WWE Raw Venue: Toyota Center (Houston, Texas)

#2. WWE Raw Tickets Distributed: 12,920

#3. WWE Raw Tickets Available: 1

Winners And Grades of Wwe Monday Night Raw 

#1. Logan and Ricochet

Ricochet and Logan Paul Grade: A-

#2. Ludwig Kaiser Def. Matt Riddle

Kaiser vs. Riddle Grade: B

#3. Maxxine Dupri Def. Valhalla

Maxine Dupri vs. Valhalla Grade: B-

#4. The Judgment Day Appears Live

The Judgment Day Grade: B+

#5. Shinsuke Nakamura Def. Tommaso Ciampa

Nakamura vs. Ciampa Grade: B-

#6. Brock Lesnar Destroys Cody Rhodes Again

Cody Rhodes vs. Brock Lesnar Grade: B+

#7. GUNTHER Def. Chad Gable

GUNTHER vs. Chad Gable Grade: B

#8. Becky Lynch Def. Trish Stratus By DQ

Becky Lynch and Trish Stratus Segment Grade: B

#9. Sami Zayn and Seth Rollins Vs. Judgment Day

WWE Raw Main Event Grade: B-

Stay tuned to get the results of Wwe Events with every Detail 

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